Return or exchange?

If you don't like the ordered item, you can send it back to us within 7 working days after receipt.
Please make sure the shipping costs you pay for the parcel is sufficient, we don't take back parcels of which the shipping costs aren't sufficiently or not paid for. 

Please bear in mind the following rules
The item needs to be
- undamaged
- not be worn, washed or being used or treated in anyway.
- the original package and tags have to be there.
- underwear, and other hygienic products can not be used, so have to be returned with sealed packing.
Click here to fill out the special form. 

The payment we received that corresponds with the returned item will be reimbursed, after deduction of the original shipping costs. You don't have to pay an administration fee. 

Knusjes has the right to refuse returned articles or to reimburse only a part of the original price paid. This happens only when the article doesn't answer the above mentioned conditions. 

Did we send you the wrong article?
Mention this to us as soon as possible and within 5 workingdays. Be sure to contact us before you send the item back. We 'll be happy to make things right. 

Did your order get damaged on the way?
We handle your order with care. Nevertheless it is always possible something goes wrong during shipping. In case your product is damaged upon receipt, contact us as soon as possible and within 5 workingdays after receipt. Make sure to contact us before you send us back the item, we'll be happy to make things right. 
Please respect the above conditions on returning and exchanging items. Once the delay of 5/7 workingdays is passed, we can not take action anymore.