How does it work?

To light
After unpacking, place on a stable and heat-resistant surface. Remove the supplied mixing block from the center of the grill, light it and put it back in the grill. For safety always keep water handy.

Bake or roast with the pan
After about 20 minutes all charcoal is ignited and a small open flame is created that ensures that the EcoGrill is not only suitable as a grill, but also as a heat source in your current barbecue.
For example, your products to be roasted or grilled can be prepared in a frying pan or wok on the grill base, allowing you to prepare versatile dishes.

Grilling on a rack
Due to the naturalness of the product, the Ecogrill is supplied without a grid. You can place the Ecogrill at home in an existing barbecue with the grid above it. Or use the special Ecogrill grid on legs. Another possibility is the use of a meat / fish clamp with which you can easily turn the dishes onto the ecogrill without the need for barbecue tools.
If the heat is too high (so there is a chance of burning ...), we recommend that you sprinkle some water on the ecogrill for a moment to reduce the heat.

Roasting over the fire
After using the Ecogrill for 2 hours, the wood collapses and the Ecogrill glows for another 1 hour. For example, you can grill potatoes in aluminum foil, make marshmallows or simply enjoy the heat that the EcoGrill spreads.

Waste processing
No chemical or toxic substances are used in the manufacture of the EcoGrill. The remaining ash can be extinguished after use and is 100% biodegradable.